Tips for successful email marketing

April 12th, 2005 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments
  1. Answer the users’ golden question-”What’s in it for me?”That’s what your users ask themselves when they receive email communications. If you don’t deliver content that can save them time, save them money or provide relevant information, then they most likely won’t read or take action on your message.
  2. Establish your goals.Predetermine the goals of your campaign, and craft your message to meet those goals.
  3. Be consistent with your From Name and From Email.Help your readers to identify your messages. Some email clients now display images only from senders that users have identified in their contact list. If you are consistent with your from address and recipients have added you to their list, it allows your messages to display correctly.
  4. Provide a compelling subject line.Encourage your subscribers to open your message. Make the subject line interesting, and most of all, don’t be misleading.
  5. Create your own style. And then stick with it. Be consistent with your layout, design, tonality, copy, offers, etc.
  6. Give the people what they want.Review your campaign statistics and conversion results to determine what your subscribers find most compelling, and then continue to provide that type of content.
  7. Personalize your messages.The more you can make your user feel that you’re talking directly to them, the more successful your campaign will be. Use Email Transmit’s personalization features, and send messages to segmented lists when appropriate.
  8. Be consistent with your frequency.Whether you send emails daily, weekly or monthly, be consistent with the time of delivery. Recipients will start to expect and look forward to hearing from you.
  9. Learn and be willing to change.Analyze your results and use them to achieve even better results in your future campaigns. Better yet, add polls or surveys to your marketing mix to let users provide you with feedback on how you’re doing.
  10. Support your campaigns.Whether by following up with leads you’ve gathered or making sure your web site supports the offer or content of your message, make sure you think past the email and are able to provide appropriate service you’re your message has been delivered.

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