Why use Email Marketing?

April 4th, 2005 | By Hilary Soltz Short | No Comments

Email Marketing gives you complete control over your communications at a fraction of the cost of printed materials. You can reach your audience within minutes with customized messages that generate immediate response. Email marketing is a highly effective tool for driving sales, increasing site traffic and establishing an ongoing relationship with your customers.

Ease of Use: Email marketing is easy to manage and administrate through a straightforward Web-based interface. No programming experience is necessary.

Tracking: Results can be tracked in real time using the metrics most important to your campaign. Statistics let you identify your next steps.

Speed: You can reach your audience, update your content and customize your lists in a matter of minutes.

Frequency: You can send as often as you want, at any time of day or night. Deadlines are set by you, not the printer.

Response: Open up a direct line of communication between you and your recipients.

Reduced Costs: Printing, fulfillment and postage costs are eliminated.

Forwarding: Your recipients can provide you with a new audience via viral marketing as they pass along your message to others.

Your customers are your best source of new business and new ideas. Open the lines of communication with timely, relevant information, and you’ll find yourself with more knowledgeable, loyal customers.

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