Defining and Achieving Email Marketing Goals

May 7th, 2005 | By Hilary Soltz Short | No Comments

As with any business practice, your email marketing should be centered around achieving certain business goals. Many marketers are simply emailing for the sake of emailing, and do not have their objectives in perspective.

Its important to define your campaign goals before you begin your program. You should even define your goals before you produce your campaign copy and design. Email marketing goals can vary greatly depending on your industry.

The most common goals are:

  • Increasing e-commerce sales through product/service exposure
  • Increasing product/service awareness through the email and links to web site
  • Promoting an action, such as a sign-up for a sweepstakes or promotion
  • Learning about your customer base through polls and surveys
  • Educating the recipients with news, information and statistics
  • Building a relationship through newsletters and informal communications

Establishing Benchmarks

The wide variety of email statistics available by third-party and industry watchgroups is staggering. However, what may be defined as a ?normal? rate or industry ?average? may not be an appropriate benchmark for your marketing.

Many factors can influence the benchmarks for your campaigns including:

  • Creative/design/layout
  • Message offer
  • Length of message
  • Timing of delivery
  • Length of relationship with recipient
  • Subject Line

With so many factors to influence your campaign “success”, its important to establish your own internal benchmarks and try to outperform them on subsequent deliveries.

This starts with analyzing your previous campaign statistics. Awareness of how your completed campaigns performed will highlight the areas in need of improvement.

Achieving Your Goals

Because your definition for success is unique, defining the goals for your campaign is imperative. To focus on achieving your goals and setting your own benchmarks, you should:

  • Create your campaign to deliver on your goals
  • Strive to understand your audience at an individual level
  • Segment communications to deliver the most relevant communication to a targeted customer
  • Test and retest. Try new ideas and see how your audience reacts
  • Adapt as necessary due to industry standard, new regulations or current best-practices
  • Analyze your campaign statistics

Remember that email marketing is still a young industry. The industry is constantly evolving and recipients attitudes change. However, the benefits of email marketing can allow you to stay ahead of the game- speed of communication, ability to customize/personalize, ability to test- all can be an asset to you. Establish your own benchmarks, understand your campaigns effectiveness, and achieve to surpass your goals on every communication.

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