Avoid being dumped into SPAM or Bulk Filters

August 8th, 2005 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments

Perhaps the most least-understood portion of the email marketing process is delivery. Creating a great email with a fantastic subject line will create no value if it does not reach the recipient.

Because ISPs and other technical factors constantly change, its important to keep up with these changes and test your email using many different services and software. Additionally, keeping these tips in mind can also help reduce the possibility of ending up in the SPAM or BULK mail folders:

  • Remind the recipients where you acquired their opt-in information so they do not question your source and mark your message as SPAM.
  • Avoid sending messages that are all images
  • Never use purchased lists. Only send to legitimate opt-in addresses that your business has acquired using best practices in data collection.
  • Remind people of their relationship with you. Tell them in the message the email address that they used when they subscribed.
  • Avoid using words or phases that trigger spam filters. For more information on this visit: http://www.doctorebiz.com/06/021106b.htm and http://www.wilsonweb.com/wmt8/spamfilter_phrases.htm
  • Check out the common tests that filters like Outlook and SpamAssassin use to filter your emails and try to avoid them.
  • Include a legitimate reply email address and mailing address in each email.
  • Avoid sending long text articles. Consider starting the article in the email and linking back to your site for the whole article.
  • Avoid sending messages with an over-proportionate number of links.
  • If you are sending a newsletter place the word “newsletter” and a date including month in the subject line. This reduces your SPAM score.

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