Achieving Success with B2B Email Marketing

December 6th, 2005 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments

Successful business-to-business (B2B) email campaigns take a different approach from their business-to-consumer (B2C) counterparts. When speaking to another business, your tonality and message should cover several key points that facilitate communication between businesses.

First, the subject line must hold relevance to the recipients’ business or industry. Successful subject lines motivate readers to open the email to get more information. The best B2B subject lines include those that:

  • Present a new opportunity. In business, everyone wants to be a leader, not a follower. Tap into this inherent concern by promoting something new.
  • Present solutions to business problems. Offers that address a business problems will likely generate interest.
  • Provide industry news. Show that you can keep the reader on top of their game by providing valuable content from their industry.
  • Offer an incentive or premium. Offer something special, like a white paper, temporary access to special content or even a CD-ROM that only they can have access to if they respond.
  • Offer discounts or savings. Provide a special offer to your readers that is not available anywhere else.

The message itself is also of primary importance. The tonality of your copy should be different than a consumer-targeted communication. The best approaches for providing compelling copy include:

  • Solving business problems. . If you present an idea in your subject line, then within your message clearly detail how that idea will solve a problem.
  • A sense of urgency.. Encourage your readers to act now with limited-time offers or deadlines.
  • Industry research.. Support your claims with material from recognized research providers in your industry.
  • Testimonials. Use client testimonials to highlight the best features of your product or service. The words of satisfied clients can speak much louder than yours, and they promote relevancy and possibly competitive incentive.
  • Familiar formatting. Design your email message in a way that your reader can relate it to something else of business importance, like a news article or memo.
  • Unique style and tonality. Try other copy formats, such as an interview. Interview formats work well because you can address your readers’ concerns and answer them in the same message.
  • Relevant Links. Provide links to your web site or industry web sites that provide further information on the content of your message. Your readers will appreciate your effort.

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