Email Frequency: How Often Should You Send?

April 24th, 2006 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments

One of the most common questions among email marketers is “How often should I send email to my list?” Often this is paired with questions about which segments of a list can be emailed more frequently than others, and whether emailing about different topics or interests changes perceived frequency.

Although there’s no concrete answer to the frequency question, there are some guidelines every marketer should follow.

  1. Email at least once a month. If you want to keep your brand top-of-mind, you should be in front of your audience at least once a month. Emailing less often may be acceptable in certain situations, but you risk being forgotten or appearing unprepared.
  2. Don’t email twice in one day. Receiving too many emails is one of the main reasons recipients unsubscribe from email lists. Unless your emails campaigns are driven by content such as breaking news, don’t send more than one email a day.
  3. Don’t set a pace you can’t keep. Think of your email marketing as a marathon, not a sprint. You’re in it for the distance. When you start your campaigns, review your internal resources to determine a realistic frequency schedule. It’s better to send less often at a slower pace then to blast frequently and then fade from your recipients’ radar.
  4. Content is King. At what frequency does the content of your email change? You may want to base your campaign frequency on the schedule of the news, offers or promotions that you are delivering.
  5. Let the recipients decide. If possible, allow your readers to determine how often they want to receive your communications, and strictly adhere to that request. Also consider variations of your content. If you send daily emails, consider a week-end recap for those who do want to hear from you but not every day. If you email weekly, consider a monthly option for those with similar concerns.
  6. Let the statistics speak for themselves. Closely monitor your campaign results. Are your open, click, and forward rates increasing? If so, you’re in good form. Are you rapidly losing the interest of your recipients and accumulating a large percentage of unsubscribes? Then reconsider your content and your delivery schedule.

Even though there are no hard-and-fast rules, the best frequency for your campaigns can be determined by analyzing your content, resources and campaign statistics.

But remember, no matter how frequently you email, if you don’t deliver content that saves your subscribers time or money or offers relevant information, then they won’t take action on your message. And creating some form of recipient action, after all, is the goal of most successful email marketing campaigns.

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