Creating Successful Landing Pages

November 15th, 2006 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments

Nearly every email marketing campaign contains a link to your website. In most cases, this link and the page that it links to on your site — known as the Landing Page — form a determining factor in the success of your campaign.

Whether that link is intended to sell a product or service, to provide a path for a specific user activity (such as filling out a form or registering for an event) or to offer valuable information, the Landing Page needs to be aligned with the goals of your campaign to help you achieve your desired success.

In many campaigns, marketers do not think beyond their email message. It is common practice to link to an existing page on your site rather than one specifically created to achieve your goals. Even if you have a logical destination, a landing page designed specifically for your campaign will help increase your conversion rates.

To achieve maximum value, plan and create your landing page strategically using these guidelines:

  1. Achieve your Goals
    Align your landing page content and message so that it works towards achieving your campaign goals.
  2. Continue the Theme
    Extend the creative design of your email campaign and the campaign copy onto the landing page. Make the user’s path seem like a seamless process.
  3. One Path Only
    If you have one goal, provide only one way to get there. Make sure that no extraneous links divert your audience.
  4. Keep it Simple
    Although this is always the best practice, it’s even more important when you want a specific result. Keep the email and the landing page as simple as possible to lead to audience toward your goal.
  5. Test and Track
    Test your campaign both internally and with a test audience. Track the flow of user activity and determine where people may be falling off (not clicking through, not continuing past the landing page, not converting, etc). Then revise your campaign or landing page accordingly until it achieves the level of success you require.

Landing pages are as important as your email message for maximizing the performance of your campaign. Your email and your landing page must work together to create a unified, focused experience if you wish to achieve the best results.

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