Email is a Pitch: Five Fundamentals for Winning Emails

May 18th, 2009 | By Anthony Schneider | No Comments


In his new book, How to Win a Pitch, veteran business coach Joey Asher provides five fundamentals for winning business. The five sales rules are also a good rubric for creating winning emails.

Focus on a Business Solution
Your email should be focused on a client need, on solving a problem or providing a solution. Just like a good sales pitch, an email should not simply tell your audience about your company or product. Instead, offer them a solution based on their needs or challenges.

Organize the Message
Like a sales pitch, an email should be clearly organized around memorable points. Remember, people don’t read every word and don’t pay full attention. Asher recommends simple organization: “Ask yourself what are the three things I want my listeners to remember at the end of the presentation?” A good question for email creators.

Demonstrate Passion
Your email should show your passion for your business, your customers, your solution. The look and feel and tone of every email you send is part of your brand, part of what makes customers feel comfortable enough to click the order button or pick up the phone.

Involve Your Audience
A good business pitch is interactive, a conversation. The right email can be personalized to the user, customized based on demographic or psychographic information, and like a good presentation, it’s a conversation— a virtual permission-based dialogue between you and your customers and prospects. Make sure you’re letting your audience talk back, and provide a mechanism for them to let their friends in on your conversation.

Rehearse and Revise
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. How do you send a winning email? Test, try out new creative ideas, kick the tires, revise, revise again. Asher reckons a well-rehearsed pitch separates your firm from two-thirds of the competition. The same is true with email. Well designed, well written, smart, audience-focused emails, coded and delivered correctly will distinguish you from the other guy.

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