8 Ways to Increase Retention with Email Marketing

August 27th, 2009 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments

retention_oldcoupleA lot of businesses look past existing clients to focus on new prospects and opportunities. Those that do so risk missing the most available opportunity for generating additional sales- existing relationships. Leveraging an existing client base can be an effective practice for increasing business, especially in a down economy. Email marketing is a simple, cost-effective way to sustain and improve customer relationships.

8 ways to increase retention with email

1. Provide Real Value. Deliver a relevant message with an offer, content or information that will provide real value to the recipient.

2. Communicate Regularly. Establish a consistent timeframe for delivering messages, and be consistent with your sending email address, email name and subject lines.

3. Be More Personable and Personalized. You’ve already done the work to win the business, so drop the biz-speak and talk to your audience in a more conversational manner. You may also want to personalize emails by using dynamic fields to insert user data, such as name, their customer status, or a relevant image, such as a customer’s most recent purchase.

4. Use Your Data. Gather and use information from your existing relationship to offer a more targeted and personalized message.

5. Interact. Solicit feedback and invite communication with your readers. Ask for replies, feedback and reviews or push to chat or Twitter or wherever else your business “talks” to customers.

6. Revise. Review what your customers tell you directly or through their actions (or non-actions). Revise accordingly.

7. Provide Incentive. Go out of your way to give customers a special incentive to encourage repeat business.

8. Say “Thank You.” Surprise your readers by sending a message thanking them for their business. Let them know that you value the relationship. Reward them with something just for being a loyal customer.

Remember, customer acquisition costs 5 times more than customer retention, so use email effectively to retain and grow your client relationships. Creating customer advocacy can generate buzz and provide significant returns to your business.

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