The Email Preference Center Demystified

January 11th, 2010 | By Marla Chupack | No Comments

An Email Preference Center (EPC) is a personalized email management center for email subscribers. It gives your users the ability to opt-in, unsubscribe and modify preferences for the emails you send them. An EPC is especially useful for marketers that have several email lists.

Marketers like segmenting databases and hate losing subscribers, while customers like to have control of their inbox. So the email preference center is often a good idea for increasing customer satisfaction, improving CPM and maximizing engagement and ROI.

Why would a marketer want to create a place where their subscribers can easily opt out of all subscriptions at once? For that matter, what good are non-qualified subscribers who sign up for email communications?

Here are the benefits for marketers:

  1. Creates a permission-based relationship and shows respect for your email subscribers.
  2. Enables self-selecting segmentation whereby your users can choose which lists they want to join.
  3. Creates a communication center between you and your audience and include all types of information and opt-ins:
    1. Include a comment or survey section
    2. Preview “new publications” or “coming soon”
    3. Add relational information (product, webcast, white paper) that falls under your communication category
    4. Allow users to sign up for additional lists or emails
  4. Builds the relationship between your organization and its audience.
  5. Empowers subscribers. If a recipients is going to unsubscribe they will do so with our without a preference center. But with an EPC you give that subscriber a chance to view other lists and manage their subscriptions. So, marketers have a better change to save a subscription with an EPC rather than lose them altogether without one.
  6. Attracts qualified subscribers who may be influencers of others.
  7. Showcases all the communication resources you have to offer.
  8. Helps to pinpoint and target the interests of your audience. You can start seeing opt-in and unsubscribtion trends.
  9. Gives marketers cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  10. Sends a signal to the audience that your communication is legitimate and that you are a responsible marketer who is interested in providing the best marketing vehicles for each subscriber.

Should every marketer build an EPC? No. If you don’t have multiple lists or if you send infrequent emails, then an EPC is probably overkill. But if you have multiple email lists and a savvy customer base, then having an EPC is a great idea. Subscribers get to choose how to personalize and manage your email communications. Marketers get happier, better-segmented subscribers and a consolidated view of subscriber preferences.

Example of an Email Preference Center

Example of an Email Preference Center

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