Why is Email the top performing channel?

May 4th, 2010 | By Adam Holden-Bache | 2 Comments

In Datran Media’s 4th Annual Marketing & Media Survey, which surveyed more than 5,000 marketers online in December, 39.4% named email their strongest channel last year, followed by 23.6% who named search.  So why does email maintain its position at the top of the heap?

There are numerous reasons for emails’ effectiveness.  Here’s a short list:

- Nearly everyone has an email address so your audience is reachable
- Email generates conversions
- You can gauge interest (opens, clicks)
- You get measurable data
- You can target
- You can easily test and refine
- You can react to behavior
- You can personalize
- Email strengthens relationships
- Email builds retention
- Email reduces churn
- Email creates advocacy
- Email drives sales in other channels

Why else is email a top performing channel?  Let us know what you think drives email’s success.

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  • Andy Browning

    how about the fact that it is a very cost-effective method to reach an unlimited number of people (of course depending on the size and quality of your contact list)

  • Guest

    1. Pure and simple ROI, so cheap it makes even modest response rates profitable.

    2.Opt-in. Because people opt-in to receive emails they are essentially hand-raisers who are motivated and engaged.

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