12 Steps To Launch a New Campaign

September 27th, 2010 | By Anthony Schneider | No Comments

Starting blocks email On Your Marks…

The first email announcing a new product or launching a new campaign may be the most important one you send. Here are some best practices to help you send that all important initial email to a new list, or about new product, service or promotion.

1. Plan out your entire campaign
Make sure you have a strategy, schedule and plan for your entire email marketing campaign, not just a single transmission. Download our email campaign checklist.

2. Review your list(s)
Check your list, check all of the fields. If you’re personalizing the email or using other data fields, make sure they are 100% accurate.

3. Segment your list and make sure you are sending to the right list
Chances are not everyone on your list should receive the same email. Consider how to segment for better results. Confirm that the right email version, creative, etc. is going to the right list.

4. Check the message
Make sure your message is as effective as it can be, the benefits and features enticing, the call-to-action clear. Review for typos and grammatical errors, and have it reviewed by fresh members of your marketing team.

5. Make sure your message has an effective subject line
The right subject line will make the difference between opens and snoozes. Creating an effective subject line is part science and part art. Make sure yours is exceptional.

6. Check details and message
Check and confirm the sender name and from address (make sure it works and that you can handle replies). Check the message: plain text, how it renders without images, in a preview pane, mobile version, etc.

7. Send to a test list
If you’re sending an email about a new campaign or product or sending to a new list, try sending to a portion of the list first. Then review results and make modifications before you send to the majority of recipients.

8. Test email client compatibility
Make sure your email will render correctly across all email clients, mobile devices, etc.

9. Implement conversion tracking (optional)
Easy and fast to implement, Email Transmit’s  conversion tracking is a water-tight way to see who bought the product, downloaded the white paper, visited your landing page or completed the survey.

10. Get ready to track and measure
When will you track? What are the benchmarks? What are your success metrics? How will you use that data? Think about how you will analyze and use your campaign results.

11. Make sure the time is right
Avoid list fatigue. Don’t send to the right list at the wrong time. Don’t send to recipients who just received a different campaign. Consider time zones.

12. Hit send
Get ready for the opening salvo. Pat yourself on the back. It’s out the door. But you’re not done yet, it’s time to monitor and review your metrics. Use this feedback to increase the effectiveness of your next campaign.

We hope this assists you with your campaign organization. Do you have any additional steps in your process?

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