8 Amazing Email Marketing Infographics

October 28th, 2010 | By Adam Holden-Bache | 1 Comment

Infographics are a fun and interesting way to look at statistical data and information, so we compiled several of the best email marketing themed infographics we could find.  Here’s eight of them that we thought you’d enjoy.

1- Why Email Marketing is Still In Vogue
by Flowtown
Email Advertising is more cost effective than other forms of advertising. This infographic explores why its a still a desirable channel.

Why Email Marketing Is Still In Vogue

2- The History and Evolution of Email
by Focus Editors
Learn how email works and how far back it really goes. There’s also interesting areas on webmail, volume and spam.

The Evolution of Email Infographic

3- Business Email Usage Statistics
by Rackspace
Rackspace has compiled its business email usage data into this infographic that displays email usage across area of the country and the five most unique states by email usage.

Business Email Usage Statistics

4- What Spam is Worth
by New Scientist
Few people click on the links, but spam is still profitable. See the results of a pharmaceutical spam campaign from 2008.

What Spam Is Worth

5- Text Messaging vs. Email
by Tatango
Text vs. Email by the numbers. Messages received, open rates, spam, usage and more. Plus some additional info on text messaging vs. Facebook and Twitter.

Text Messaging vs. Email

6- What Does Your Email Provider Say About You?
by Credit Karma
Credit Karma takes a closer look at how users of the most popular email providers stack up.

What Does Your Email Provider Say About You?

7- The Spamdemic Map
by Clueless Mailers
Holy cow- just try to figure this one out. See what happens when you don’t practice safe mailing.

The Spamdemic Map

8- Everything You Need To Know About Email Spam
by Rackspace
This series of infographics shows us the history of spam and the winners and losers of spam messages sent per day by country.

Everything You Need To Know About Email Spam

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