9 Ways to Engage Your Email Marketing Database

October 7th, 2010 | By Adam Holden-Bache | 1 Comment

Whether you realize it or not, your marketing success is dictated by the quality of your database. Are you treating your database with the care and respect it deserves?

In order to optimize the value of your database you need to constantly engage your contacts and provide them with incentive to interact with your brand. So how can you feed your recipients and keep them hungry for more? Here’s a list of some proven tactics that encourage response:

1. Include Killer Content
Whether you write it yourself or compile it, providing targeted, relevant, interesting content is always a winning strategy.

2. Give Stuff Away
It’s a no-brainer that people like free stuff, but very few marketers actually offer anything for free. Consider trying a free offer in your next campaign, whether is a free product, white paper, webinar or anything else of value to your audience.

3. Provide a Unique Offer
Subscribers respond when they feel special. If you regurgitate the same offers you have everywhere else to your email subscribers, then there’s no value in being a subscriber. Treat your recipients to an even better offer or something special- after all, they’ve taken the time to express their interest in your brand.

4. Create Sharable Content
Make sure your content is interesting, relevant and on topic, then ask your readers to share it through forwarding or though their social channels. Provide social sharing options in your email messages.

5. Start a Conversation
Ask a question in your email and continue it in a social channel like Facebook or LinkedIn Groups.

6. Add a Poll
People like to take polls, and marketers like to receive feedback. Use this to your advantage- ask people for their opinions on topics you care about.

7. Entertain
Show some personality. Be funny. Include or link to entertaining content.

8. Include Video
Web users consume video now more than ever. Consider adding a video (or link to one) in your email campaigns. In most cases the video will be receive more attention than other content.

9. Showcase Your Recipients
Make your audience part of the message by include their quotes, testimonials, links to their case studies or web site, etc. And take it to the next step by asking them to contribute content.

Basically it all comes down to giving your audience something they want and something they can use. In order to do this, you also need to segment your database so that your content is more relevant, more personalized and more actionable to the audience you’re targeting. And as always, test, track and tweak. Measure your efforts by monitoring how much more your content is shared, through increased engagement and through conversions.

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  • http://www.freshaddress.com Bill Kaplan

    Great suggestions, provided the email addresses you're gaining from your registration processes have been properly validated and corrected, where necessary. The key to a quality email database lies in careful vetting with regard to your originating sources, strict hygiene and correction screening PRIOR to entering data into your marketing database, and a watchful eye on your bounce, spam complaint, and related deliverability metrics to ensure your email database stays as fresh as possible.

    Sophisticated marketers are employing real-time email address correction services on their websites and at their POS systems to block problematic addresses and correct inadvertent hygiene errors at the point of entry. This can also be handled through an automated batch process, available 24×7.

    With the ever-tightening filters employed by the ISPs with regard to email deliverability, keeping one's email list clean is essential to reaching your intended recipients. After all, the best engagement tactics are of no value if they don't reach your customers.

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