4 Tactics to Increase Email Effectiveness

April 12th, 2011 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments

On targetEmail means many different things to marketers. Some marketers see it as a branding opportunity, others view it as a cost-efficient marketing channel and others view it as a form of retention. It’s one of the few channels where your contacts have provided permission for you to contact them directly.

So why don’t marketers treat their email subscribers better? Many marketers tell their subscribers what they want them to know, which is not always what the recipients want to hear. The batch-and-blast mentality still in use by many senders leads to messaging that lacks relevance.

But email has significant opportunities that fall beyond the typical email goals. Here’s a few tactics that can marketers can use to increase the effectiveness of their email marketing:

1. Increase Engagement
Use email to increase engagement. Very few marketers provide content in their email that sparks feedback from their subscribers. Ways to increase engagement include asking questions, running a poll, starting a chat session or displaying  social channel conversations with a link to participate.

2. Social Channel integration
Take advantage of the content you are producing in your social channels by including your best social content in your email campaigns. Display some of your tweets that had the most re-tweets or your Facebook post that had the most likes.  You can also share your most popular blog posts and comments. If your social contacts find your social content interesting, it’s likely your email recipients will as well.

3. Advanced Personalization
It’s time to move beyond the simple personalization tactics (i.e.- “Hello firstname”) and use the data in your database and email metrics to understand your audience and craft messaging specific to their interests. This may mean using dynamic content and/or producing multiple messages, but the effort will be rewarded in the results. More relevance almost always assures better results.

4. Prepare for Multi-Channel
It’s easy to keep email in a silo, but our world is becoming multi-channel very quickly. What is now an email campaign will soon be delivered in multiple channels including social networks and text messages. So recognize that your recipient is adapting how they receive marketing messages, and start planning for multi-channel delivery. This may mean collecting mobile numbers, Twitter handles or connecting via LinkedIn or Facebook Groups. Plan ahead.

Marketing is all about delivering the most relevant message to your contacts at the right time in the right channel. Email is still the most effective channel for doing this, so make sure you take advantage of its potential.

The more email moves to a real-time, personalized, one-to-one marketing message, the better it is for recipients. You’ll earn the interest, trust and response from the subscribers you so highly covet and those recipients will likely give you what you want in return.

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