The biggest mistake made by email marketers is…

July 28th, 2011 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments

Email Conversion TrackingPerhaps the biggest mistake made by email marketers is not tracking conversions.

Why are you doing email marketing in the first place?  You have a goal in mind, right?

Well, if you are like most email marketers, you may be getting lazy about tracking conversions from your email marketing campaigns. Opens and click-throughs are great, but they don’t bring home the bacon. So why aren’t you doing more to figure out if your emails are actually resulting in business value?

Conversion tracking isn’t limited to those conducting e-commerce transactions. You can track any number of meaningful actions taken by your email recipients. Those may include:

1. Visits to a specific web page, such as a home page or landing page
2. A newsletter opt-in
3. The completion of a web form (sweepstakes entry, webinar sign-up, etc.)
4. A download (whitepaper, software update, etc.)
5. The initiation of a chat session
6. A purchase

The purpose of conversion tracking is to help you understand if your email marketing is helping you meet your business goals. Any user action that can help you learn more about a recipient, move the recipient further along in the sales cycle or result in fulfillment of a specific business objective is something that warrants conversion tracking.

Some things you can learn by tracking conversions from your email campaigns:

1. How many recipients that click-through complete the desired objective?
2. What do they do after they click-through?
3. How long do they spend on your site?
4. Where are you losing their interest?

Setup of conversion tracking is usually fairly painless. In many cases it simply requires installing a piece of code on the web page where the desired action takes place. After it’s set up, the same code should be usable on all future campaigns, so you’ll have no additional work after setup is complete.

The long term value you’ll receive from taking the time to implement conversion tracking makes it a worthy investment.

For those of you already using conversion tracking, share your success stories in the comments below. For anyone who would like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

Note: Conversion tracking is free to all Email Transmit users. You can activate it in the Tracking area of your account.

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