8 Useful Sources for Email Newsletter Content

August 25th, 2011 | By Adam Holden-Bache | No Comments

Email NewsletterIdentifying or creating content for email newsletters can be a challenge for many marketers. Some marketers still feel they need to write content specifically for their newsletters, but many are now looking to other sources for quality content that fits the interests of their audience.

Creating original content is not necessarily a bad thing, but it will typically require more time and resources than using content that may already exist in other channels.

Here’s some places you may want to consider as content sources for your next newsletter campaign:

1. Website
Dig into your analytics and identify the most popular pages are on your web site. If the content on those pages offers value to your recipients, consider using some form of it in your newsletter.

2. Blog
If you blog regularly, take the posts that have the most comments, social shares or have generated the most page views and summarize that in your newsletter, then link back to the original post so readers can leave comments and share with their social channels. If you post has any good comments, highlight those in the newsletter too.

3. Social Channels
Your social channels can provide a wealth of quality content for your emails. Find the posts that received the most attention and include those in your email. Also consider highlighting any quality tweets, posts or other social channel feedback that you receive. Sometimes what others say about your brand is more interesting that what you have to say about yourself.

4. Company News & Press
If you have company news that is relevant to your recipients, it is advantageous to include it in your email. But be careful as you do not want to include news and press that is only interesting to a select portion of your audience. Only provide news and press that your readers will want to hear. Do not include content just because you have it available.

5. Industry News & Events
Including relevant industry news and events in your newsletter may be a welcome addition to your readers. Many do not have the time to stay on top of everything, so if you can be a source for quality news and event information it will be welcomed by your recipients.

6. Support
Is your support staff fielding the same questions over and over? If so, use your newsletter as a way to educate your audience. If your newsletter audience includes these customers, create an area to provide product information, Q and A, FAQ’s or other content that might reduce your inbound support inquiries. It may benefit both your company and your readers.

7. Sales
Your sales team can let you know the most popular product, service, upgrade or other trend, which you can then highlight in your newsletter. If you know people are interested in a particular item, showcasing its benefits might provide interesting content and lead to additional leads and sales.

8. Videos
Has your business created any great video content? Is there any industry related video content you can find?  Try including a video in your email. Because video doesn’t embed in most email software you’ll likely need to include a thumbnail and link, but most recipients will still want to click through to watch the video you’ve highlighted.

As you can see, email newsletters can include a variety of great content. Try different content sources and find what works best for you. And if you have any other great ideas for content sources, please let us know in the comments.

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