Email: The Cornerstone of Online Marketing

August 11th, 2011 | By Anthony Schneider | No Comments

Email is still the lingua franca of the Internet. Different types of users, different modes and media, new platforms and mobile devices, but one thing remains a constant: everyone uses email. It follows then that email is the cornerstone of online marketing. Wherever your online marketing efforts go, they will have an email component, will begin with email or return to email.

A seamless, measurable communication platform.
Email connects you and your customers, prospects and partners across both one-to-one and one-to-many communications.
- newsletters
- customer service

A connector between multiple platforms and different audiences.
58% of consumers owning smartphones used the devices to access the Internet every day of the week. What’s one thing they’re all doing? Checking email. Email connects and amplifies other channels.
- mobile
- social
- forward-to-friend
- search engine (via RSS, email archives, etc.)

A measurable tool to segment and slice.
Email allows you to slice and dice content and user groups, as well as reach out to your brand advocates and frequent users:
- segmentation for increased relevance and engagement
- loyalty programs
- surveys

Prospecting, customer-retention and engagement.
Whether a sales rep is emailing a potential customer or responding to a query, or if you are reaching out to your core users with an email newsletter, you are strengthening the communications and strengthening your brand. And an email newsletter links well with personal emails from sales reps or employees.
- database growth
- triggered email and purchase
- personal follow-up emails


Strong foundations are important. And we all know what happens to a house divided against itself. So build and strengthen your email marketing platform and a lot of other marketing programs will benefit.

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