Holiday Email Marketing: Planning and Ideas

October 12th, 2011 | By Adam Holden-Bache | 3 Comments

Mass Transmit holiday email marketing collageWith the holidays fast approaching, now is a great time to prepare your holiday email marketing campaign. Whether you want to do a full campaign (with email and web content like a game or video) or just a holiday email to your internal staff, planning now will allow you to be ready to deliver on schedule (and not have to rush out a last-minute campaign).

The holiday season is a busy time for customers, marketers, Santa- just about everyone. In order to rise above the deluge of holiday marketing messages your campaign must be unique, genuine, and entertaining. Read our post “The 12 Ways of Christmas” to learn how to make your holiday marketing stand out this holiday season.

Many marketers struggle with what kind of campaign they want to run and how they can create something special, so we’ve assembled a list of ideas to get you started (arranged from least complex to most complex):

  1. Static image or layout with added holiday message
    1. Brooks Brothers
    2. Amstel Light
  2. Animated holiday emails
    1. Norm Thompson
    2. MetLife
  3. Holiday video emails
    1. Video in email example
    2. Video on landing page example
  4. A holiday multimedia animation or video
    1. Face Blocks Animation Game
    2. Clark MacKenzie Holiday 
    3. MEA Digital “Sandman” video
  5. A holiday themed game
    1. MetLife Holiday Matching Game
    2. MetLife Sled Racing Game
    3. Santa Race Game
    4. Snowball Fight
  6. A holiday themed interactive piece
    1. Holidays By The Numbers
    2. Holiday Puzzle
    3. Happy Feats
  7. A “build your own” holiday card application
    1. Build Your Snowman

Note that numbers 1 and 2 are email only but the rest will require additional web development (which we can help with too).

Some Holiday Ideas you may want to use as a theme for content or messaging may include:

  1. Holiday Recipes
  2. Holiday Trivia
  3. Naughty/Nice List
  4. Peace
  5. Charity/Gifting
    1. Pay It Forward
    2. Charity Water
  6. Old Holiday Movies
    1. Christmas Around the World
    2. Twas the Night Before Christmas Silent Movie

B2B Email Considerations:

  1. Recap of year’s accomplishments (as it relates to your clients)
  2. Goals and objectives for next year (as it relates to your clients)
  3. Holiday sweepstakes
  4. Reminder of Holiday schedule/paid holiday
  5. Reminder of Holiday business events

B2C Email Considerations:

  1. Special offers and promotions
  2. Special delivery and shipping options
  3. Responding to any feedback or questions
  4. Thanking customers
  5. Holiday sweepstakes
  6. Giving something extra (freebie, coupon for 2012, etc)

Get started by establishing your strategy and determining what type of campaign you want to run, create your communication calendar, and then start now on production. The holidays always seem to sneak up quickly, so prepare in advance to avoid bah-humbug results.

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